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We Will Walk You Through The Overwhelming Immigration Process.
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We Will Walk You Through
The Overwhelming
Immigration Process.
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Rest Easy Your File is
Being Managed
With Care.
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Let The Professionals Be
Your Guiding Light in
Your New Journey.
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Establishing a Long-term Relationship
With Clients is Another
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Welcome to the Rhinestone Immigration

Deciding to migrate from your resident country to a foreign country is life-changing and could be once in a lifetime opportunity for many of us. If you’re unfamiliar with the immigration process, the laws and policies it entails can overwhelm you, and without proper guidance when applying for Canadian immigration, you stand on the risk of wasting time and money spent on visa processing and fees. Let the professionals be your guiding light in your Canadian dream.

Why Choose Rhinestone Immigration

Rhinestone Immigration Services is an Authorized Canadian Immigration Consultancy firm. We exist to provide professional and personalized services to anyone with a Canadian dream – whether you are already in Canada or still outside Canada.
We offer timely services and prioritize honest and genuine immigration advice during every consultation with clients on various Canadian immigration matters including but not limited to Express entry, Family sponsorship, Provincial nominee program, Atlantic Immigration Program, Rural Northern Immigration Program, Caregiver, Business immigration, Study permit, Work permit, Visitor/Tourist visa.

Services We Provide

Provincial Nominee Programs

Family Sponsorhip

Work Permit

Express Entry

Visitor Visa

Study Permit

To receive professional advice from Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Contact us Today!

we made it our goal to help inform and inspire immigrants as they find their way in Canada.

Why you should hire RCIC?

RCICs are authorized by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) to handle Canadian immigration matters. Gaining an RCIC license entails meeting the CICC standards of practice and complying with the code of professional conduct.
Hiring RCIC licensed immigration consultants assures that you apply for the right program, ensure you’re eligible, complete all necessary paperwork, and meet the deadlines. They are knowledgeable and updated about the Canadian immigration system and policies. RCIC liaises on your behalf with the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that makes decision on your immigration application.



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